Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Road Movie Poster

Here below the first teaser poster of the Road, upcoming movie directed by John Hillcoat and based on the book of the same name written by Cormac McCarthy:
(Click on the poster to enlarge it.)

The Road Movie Teaser
If you're wondering why the name of Guy Pearce is on this movie poster of the Road, take a look to the cast of the Road:

- Viggo Mortensen as the Man. Mortensen explained the interaction of the father with his son, "They’re on this difficult journey, and the father is basically learning from the son."

- Kodi Smit-McPhee as the Boy.

- Charlize Theron as the Wife, who appears in flashback. Theron joined the film because she was a fan of the book and had previously worked with producer Nick Wechsler on the 2000 film The Yards. The character will have a larger role in the film than she did in the book. Hillcoat said of the expanded role, "I think it's fine to depart from the book as long as you maintain the spirit of it."

- Michael K. Williams as a thief.

- Robert Duvall as an old, dying man.

- and Guy Pearce as a father wandering with his family.

If you've read the original book you may guess what is the role of Guy Pearce!

New official posters of the Road have been unveiled:
(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)
Viggo Mortensen is really the best choice to portray the man in the Road!


Jimmy Watson said...

It's coming out on February 19 2009
i just found that out and i'm wicked excited cuz thats my b-dayy
i read the book 4 times

jennifer said...

I totally know who Guy Pierce will be in the movie!!!

Ivano said...

really looking forward to this! Can we petition a song for the soundtrack: "The Rip" by Portishead - I was reading the book when "Third" came out, and this amazing song would just be perfect for the movie, PLEEEEASE!!!